Become a Volunteer of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum

The Hagerstown Aviation Museum encourages the participation of volunteers who are interested in helping to preserve our local aviation history. We thank you for your interest and encourage you to complete the Volunteer Application below so we can best fit your skills and interests to the needs of the museum.

The following application and survey is designed to help us fit people with specific interests or knowledge to the various needs of the museum. We will do our best to fit you to the tasks that you have shown interest in, but be aware, the museum needs assistance with all types of projects and events. If we have a need for volunteers for a certain task at one of our events, you may be asked to do that task. We will also do our best to rotate volunteers so that they get a variety of experiences as well. Also, some volunteer positions may require you to attend a Volunteer Orientation Class (such as Tour guide or Safety crew) for continuity of information and safety purposes.

Please contact us if you have any questions about being a volunteer of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum!